McClelland & Anderson, L.L.P.

Real estate and commercial appellate litigation:

The Firm’s attorneys write and file amicus curiae briefs in the Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Court of Appeals, circuit courts, and U.S. District Courts on major issues in real estate and property law including the taking of property by restrictive land use regulation, regulation of real estate brokers and agents, regulation of home builders, and the allowable limits of taxes, fees, and charges by local governments for development approvals on behalf of statewide associations.  In 2007, the Firm received the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review Distinguished Brief Award for its amicus brief in the Michigan Supreme Court in Hartman & Eichhorn Building Co v Steven Dailey.  The Distinguished Brief Award recognizes the most scholarly briefs filed in the Supreme Court, as judged by a panel of sitting judges, attorneys, and law school professors. 

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